a first thought..and a few

this blog,
...borne out of a fascination for new forms of communication,

borne out of a need for the "new,"
...new types of interactions, new things to see, new people to know.

call it a search.
a recruitment, if you might, for new ways of reaching out, of dialoguing about "philosophies,"
of sharing ideas and of relating, once again, to the human spirit.

my hope?
to sustain a forum for
honest uncensored thought -- albeit self-censorship or otherwise.
(no doubt,this will be the challenge -- knowing this medium is a public one)

the goal, then, is to remove doubt.
my goal, is to toss around notions,
derived from thought or direct observation.

call them ponderings, if you might.

i endeavor to share with you,
... things, and thoughts, and ideas
... things, i hold at forefront of a moment, and more importantly, the present moment.

be they ruminations, ideas, ponderings, images, or happenings,
my goal is to speak honestly, and to write about them directly and candidly.

i hope you'll feel free to share your responses, in kind.

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Hi Tami!!!