on closure

is closure like happiness? -- you know it when you feel it?
do we need some event or someone or something to help up know when something's done?

is it the same for:
love relationships?

how do we know when to stop. when it *feels* done?
or when you're tired and can't work any more.

like paintings, we don't want to overwork relationships. especially ones that make us more tired.
but sometimes we fall in love with the experience, the image, the euphoria and (selfishly?) don't want it to end,
even though we know it's best left pristine and untouched for what it is?

there are some paintings that aren't the best, but fine for what they are.
we learn from them and leave them as snapshots to our learning.

yet, there are some, we know are wonderful and fresh and want to keep working, but know we don't quite yet have
skills or ability to finish.

the best thing might be to "walk away from the canvas" until we can see the image more clearly.
the best thing is not to try to make fixes on others' advice, no matter now experienced or skilled that advice may be.

for life is what we make of it.
it is our experiences that help guide our next ventures.
the painting might call us back or stand fine on its own right.
it is for us to decide to and viewer to judge.
for this is the only way we can ever find peace of mind.