studio walls

more tao from the studio

as i was clicking shots of current work, realized i'd never documented some of these others.
curiously, the "tao" label came through unintentionally. (these were indeed the first three letters of a title on some magazine caption).


Midterm Paintings

Here are a couple of midterm paintings.
The topic is "On the Road."



it's been a while since i've shared some philosophical meanderings, so i felt due...

does something become a reality because we believe it to be so?
does a dream continue to be (by definition) a dream-- even when it comes true?

these are the swimming pool topics of the week.

by virtue, dreams fuel our hopes and our fantasies.
when we stop dreaming, we often stop hoping; thereby grounding us in our own realities.

how, why, when, where
can we
bridge that gap?

(*paintings compliments of linda lieberman)