PaintedTree_in the Spring desert

PaintedTree_in the Spring desert
apprx. 16" x 20", oil on corrugated board

This was created as part of our "PaintOff" sessions in Chester's class.
estimated time, 20 min.


oak leaves from last year

"Don't Like Radishes"_4x4

A new painting for the Animal Show at Elsewhere Gallery.
I call this "Don't Like Radishes". It's 4"x 4", oil on canvas.
(However, it's more of a creature than animal: GoatSheepPerson, inspired by the Rachel Portman song in the Little Prince "draw me a sheep."


RockyStillness, 4" x 4"


"MooseRiver" is 4" x 4" on canvas.
(as many know, I usually paint on board)
Inspired by some of my classmates, I'm trying to broaden out and try my hand at landscapes and animal scenes.

GreenOnGreenOnGreen : reworked

I reworked this painting for an upcomingshow.
"Green On Green On Green" (after Goya's original, not in green)
6.5" x 8"


"Blind Paintings"

Like blind contour drawings, these paintings started off without looking at the canvas.


DiRosa Preserve SlideSlam 2008

Below are snapshots from the "Slideslam" event at the DiRosa Preserve on 5/2/08.
My work was included along with that of some good friends/great artists -- Ventana D'Amico, Stuart Wagner, and Chris Adessa, among others. The slides were juried and there were approximately 20 artists invited.
It was an honor to be a part of such an exciting event.
© tami sloan tsark, all rights reserved

My friend, Erick, who's like a brother to me, was there for the festivities.
As you can see, from below, it's been a busy couple of months, and I'm looking a little tired here.

SpringChill 2008

I decided to work larger than my normal format.
This painting, created 5/13/08, is 29" x 40"
SpringChill 2008

Madonna reed

New Sculpture

This sculpture was created 5/23/08, in a 2.5 hour span.
Model is Dalton H. -- really terrific model.
Dimensions are apprx. 12" x 24" x 12"


More Good News: MMOCA Paperworks

"Vellum Landscape" 2008, © tami sloan tsark

I'm honored to be included in the Marin MOCA Paperworks show in Novato, California (6.14.08 - 7.13.08)
Quite the surprise that this piece made it in, as it was my red herring entry.
Goes to show, you never know...My guess was that one of my other entries (if any) would be the one to make it in. My friend, Kim Frohsin, suggested this entry. (Thanks, Kim!)
special THANKS to Chester Arnold for his continued guidance, mentorship, and support.

A Juried National Exhibition: Exploring the use of paper in art

Juror René de Guzman,
Senior Curator of Art,
Oakland Museum of California

Download Accepted Entry List

Saturday, June 14,
5 - 7pm

Show Dates
June 14 - July 13

Open: Tuesdays-Sundays, 11am-4pm
Closed Mondays