Nudes: from the archive

Here are a couple of "nudes" from my archive, which will go into the Elsewhere Gallery in Fairfax:

(1) "Reclining Nude" (I know...original title, huh?)




Working Class

"Painter John"
Oil on Found Pegboard
apprx. 36" x 58"


"Chef Weber"
Oil on Found PegBoard
36" x 58"


"Auntie's Dress" 2x4(inches)

This dress reminded me of one that one of my "aunties" wore, when I was a child.
Oil on Found wood, two-by-four (inches)


More Work on Paper

Lemme know what you think.
Likes and dislikes:

1) "Vellum Landscape",
oil on vellum, 7" x 5.5"

2) "Note From Home"
Oil on Paint Sample, 4" x 6"

3) "Recession"
Marker on Paper Napkin, 4" x 4"



"I've Got a Tree on my Back"

working title
oil on board, 12" x 24"

March/April Paintings, 2008

Working title, "CoatGirl"
Painted on a gift of donated scrap wood front, approx. 24"x 10"


Oil on scrap wood
11" x 2"

8" x 10", oil on board


A work-in-progress, 18"x24"
working title "Beach Walk"


April Shows 2008

This month (April 2008), my work is showing in two galleries :

I feel fortunate to be asked to show work in the Elsewhere Gallery's second themed show.
I was asked to submit self-portraits, and works that have influenced our painting.
  • Elsewhere Gallery, Fairfax, California.
    The theme is Portrait of the Artist.

Five of my paintings, less than 6 inches square, were also juried into the College of Marin Miniature show. The jurors were: Guy Diehl- Artist; Svea Lin Vezzone- Owner of Swarm Gallery, Oakland; Andrea Antonaccio- Gallery Director & Curator, College of Marin, Kentfield
  • College of Marin Gallery: Miniature show. March 17- April 25, 2008