Staging site for new paintings

In an effort to consolidate some painting categories, I've staged a new site for recent work:


(Feedback always welcome. The goal is to migrate/integrate the two sites by April 2017). Thanks for your patience!


Trees of Late Summer 2016

Gracefully Into Fall 12 x 10 inches oil on mounted linen Tsark2016
Gracefully Into Fall 

• 12 x 10 inches oil on mounted linen Tsark2016

Tree of Indian Summer
Tree of Indian Summer
• 7 x 5 inches • oil on panel • 2016 tsark



Hope for Distant Horizons & Decaying Summer

Hope for Distant Horizons •
4 x 9 inches •oil on panel • ©2016 tsark

Decaying Summer
4 x 9 inches •oil on panel • ©2016 tsark


RunsThrough It

Runs Through It
4 x 9 inches • oil on reclaimed wood box • ©2016 tsark


Little Moving Creatures ©2016 tsark

These images are multimedia pieces using found objects and hand-drawn characters.

Most  are 6x4 or 5x7 inches. Custom commissions available.
Interested parties, please inquire regarding costs.

Also available on Etsy:

All images ©2016 tsark