Chuck Jones

A Young Chuck Jones
6" x 4" • graphite on paper •

Chuck Jones, as we might remember him• 14" x 11" • colored pencil on paper
• ©2014 t.s.tsark


Recent Dots of Red & Italy

This painting was purchased by a collector here in the US
and now hangs in a private home in Italy.

(Pictured here is the owner and recipient of the generous gift.)

This painting "in situ"
at a collector's home in San Francisco, CA.


Art Review: Edwige Fouvry 2014, published March 2014

I was asked to write a  review of Edwige Fouvry's show at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery (SF, CA).
This was published on the Artbusiness.com website, March 2014

Edwige Fouvry's work at Dolby Chadwick is very present. When you see her paintings in person, there's a softer clarity than one might perceive when looking at the digital images. The paint seems more "harmonious" in person. In either case, there's a strong sense of personality-- both hers and those of her subjects. Her line, the presence of her brush, has a quite open feeling to it. Yet her figures exist in seemingly tight or closed, almost suffocating space. I am particularly charmed by the little seascapes which have an immediacy to them. It is quite nice to meet her; she looks particularly lovely sporting a "madder lake deep"-colored scarf, an ever-present signature color in her figures.


Apres Sarah B

Apres Sarah B
• 10" x 8" • oil on panel
• ©2014 tami s. tsark


Twig Girl 4

Some mornings you wake up at 5am with the feeling you just HAVE to paint...

Twig Girl 4
•5" x 3" • oil on coated paper • ©2014 tsark


Gratitude & Skies

Curtain Sky • ©2014 tsark

SkyWire • ©2014 tsark

Gratitude Trees 2014
3" x 5" • graphite on paper • ©2014 tsark