Look at that warbler--

he's wiping his muddy feet

all over the plum blossom.


This mushroom is

deadly. and, of course,

it's also very pretty.

A quick rattle of hail

as day breaks,

on the camellia leaves.

Extricating itself from thorns,

a bush warbler,

soars high.


So distant from the moon --

the colour and scent

of wisteria blossom.


While I've found these in the "Classic Haiku" book by Tom Lowenstein, in random order,
I've copied them here above in a specific order.


Why we make art...

This is but one of the reasons we make art...

I received this letter today, from a mother of one of the fallen soldiers that we painted in Chester's class and which ended up in the exhibit "Faces of the Fallen" :

Thank you so much. In 2006, I attended the Tribute to Fallen Soldiers in Washington DC, and my sister and nephew went with me. We decided to visit Arlington Ntl to pay tribute to some of my son’s comrades. As we walked into the gates, something kept pushing me towards the Womens Bldg,which at first I had no desire to go into. But, I had this eerie feeling, so we did. I stopped by the desk to sign the guestbook,.when my sister yelled, OMG, Fay, get over here,you have got to see this. I ran around the corner and there was this display of paintings, and there was the pic of Tracy,the one in the pic below. You did an AWESOME job…I started to cry and so did she,that is why I would like to have it. It was beautiful ... I visit him daily,I miss him so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Fay West

These are some of the paintings I did for that show in 2005:


coining words

In thinking about life, 2008, I tried to coin a few words:

"Be amazed at the modesty of the supertalents and the hubris of the mediocre.Be inspired, be inspiring, have vision, have heart."


Bolinas Museum Miniatures Invitational 2008

Bolinas 20th Annual Invitational Exhibition

Mini Show: Holiday Benefit for the Museum
Small works by over 85 Bay Area artists, Curated by Dieter Tremp
Nov. 22 - Dec. 28, 2008

Please join us for the reception Saturday 11/22/08, 3-5pm

2" x 2" for the Bolinas Museum Invitational.




"real art"

"real art"
this phrase was overheard in a bathroom stall at an art auction:
"...and to think, i paid $160 for REAL art"

this made me pause to think...is there fake art?
there may be "bad" art, or reproduced art, but isn't all art "real?"

thoughts for a Fall day

order, organization, clutter, de-clutter, clarity
good friends, shared experiences, furtive smiles



for submission to an upcoming show.
click on any for larger image.

all rights reserved © tami sloan tsark


Show has been delivered

After a few last minute decisions, Past, Present, Personal has been delivered to the Marin Arts Council. Phew!
I reserved a few of the pieces for other shows, since this one will hang until Feb. 2009.

Hope y'all feel free to join us for the reception at Hamilton AFB, Hangar 5, Novato, CA.
Thursday 10/30/08 from 4:30 - 6:30 pm.


The Painting List for "Past, Present, Personal"

These paintings are those that will be shown October 26, 2008 - February 13, 2008
at Hamilton AFB, Hanger 5, Marin Arts Council.

Am still in the editing process, so please e-mail me and let me know your LEAST two to four favorite paintings. :)

(*Click on any thumbnail to view larger image)

Red Orb, 18x16, oil on board

Personna, 23.5" x 19.5", oil on vellum, framed

Awkward Summer, 10 x 6, oil on discarded board

Spring Chill, Oil on Board, 30 x 20

Dappled Fly Fishing, 10" x 12", Oil on Discarded Board

Redemption, 16 x 15, Oil on discarded cabinet panel

Dark Rain, 25 x 19, oil on panel

Catting Around, 11.5" x 16", oil on board

Around The Bend, 6” x 26” x 2.5, Oil on discarded Door Core

Ghost Cowboy, 14" x 6", Oil on Discarded Board

Siblings, Oil on Panel, 19" x 25"

This Little Piggy, 6" x 26", oil on discarded wood scrap

Bewitched, 10" x 5", Oil on Discarded Floor Sample

Out Of The Fire, 9" x 12",Oil on Pit-fired Ceramic Tile

Windblown II, Oil on Discarded Board, 20" x 24"

Windblown, 12" x 16" UF, 20" x 25" framed, oil on panel

Beachwalk, 26" x 20", oil on panel, framed

Longface, 7" x 33", oil on Found Board

Censored Gurls, 26" x 20", oil on canvas, framed

Mystery Man 8026, 25" x 19", oil on panel

Saved, 9" x 12", oil on canvas


Reworked "possible works"

After some thought and input, reworked this Crossroads piece. Not sure it's for the better, but here is "v2" (click image to enlarge)

Here's also another piece I worked on last night,
oil on canvas, 10 x 12
(implied metaphor - save us from fire, floods, economy, war.)
(also click on image to enlarge)


You're Invited: Save the Date - Oct 30th, Thursday

"Past, Present, Personal"
Group Show
Marin Community Foundation
5 Hamilton Landing, Novato, CA (HANGAR 5)
10/20/08 - 2/12/09

Thursday 10/30/08 (4:30pm - 6:30 pm)


Academy of Sciences, SF Preview 2008

check out these pods:

then, there's a camera in the exhibit!

(for those of you who remember the skull wall exhibit from the old Acad Sciences)


(Had y'all fooled, huh? Thought I was capable of hanging out with a handsome young thing. Well, it's true, we did hang out a bit, but here's Nick's lovely girlfriend, Leigh...)

We made her go back for this one...She matched the floor color.


august 2008_new work

oil on vellum - August 16, 2008, © tami sloan tsark


More for the "Traveler" series:

"Young Female Traveler"
Oil on discarded wood
5"-ish by 12" ish, © tami sloan tsark