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Big Brothers Big Sisters Fundraising Pins 2010

Two painted bowlings pins which I created for the Big Brothers Big Sisters fund raising event:

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the North Bay for our 27th Annual Bowl For Kids’ Sake Kick Off Party. showcasing Pins of Marin- original pieces of art produced by local artists, while getting the community excited about this year’s Bowl For Kids’ Sake event. Artists have transformed bowling pins into stunning pieces of art that will be displayed and auctioned off throughout Stout Brothers Irish Pub & Restaurant monday 1/11/10 in Santa Rosa, and wednesday 1/13/10 at Piatti Restaurant in Mill Valley. All attendees will be entered into a raffle and special raffle prizes will be awarded to those that register to participate for Bowl For Kids’ Sake.


"...and this got me thinking...2010"

A little New Year's art/prose compilation...created on this rainy day, 01/01/10

(Cover, caption):
"...and this just got me thinking..."

(Pages 01 & 02, caption):
"...ABOUT..2010..and the start of a new decade...and about times past...when I felt as though I were...an island..."

(Pages 03 & 04, caption):
"...or fish (on the other side) of the polished glass..."

(Pages 05 & 06, caption):
"and then...I got to thinking again..."
"about the children who might have been born feeling that way...too..."

(Pages 07 & 08, caption):
"in other times, or, in other places..."

(Pages 09 & 10, caption):
"...around the Globe..."

(Pages 11 & 12, caption):
"So, I got to thinking, yet once again, and I realized..."

(Pages 13 & 14, caption):
"none of us, is ever really Alone..."

(Pages 15 & 16, caption):
"...for in each of us, and together,"
"we have, the World!"

(Pages 17 & 18, caption):
© 2010, tami sloan tsark


*I created this little book for the Twin Sketchbooks project (for Dan Berry at Glyndwr University, in Wrexham, UK.)