Trying a new surface...
Hardwood board from my friend, Jack Campbell.
(If you ever need a new hardwood floor, he's the one you'll want to contact.)

Also trying this painting's title on for size.
Leave me a comment if you absolutely can't live with it.
"Evergreen 6600"


pool guy & young salty

the theme is aquatic.

1. pool guy (with sunglasses)

2. sailor (young salty)


Generations of a Final & Art reflecting Art reflecting Art

"Generations" was a painting I'd completed last December '06.
Given that the theme for my final was titled "Generations," I thought I'd pull a quick one and save myself some work.
No rest for the weary.

I wasn't very happy with the way it came out. So I started this painting tonight, and will submit it for the final (unfinished):



Forgotten Herd

Forgotten Herd

re-posted 5/15/07
I felt this painting was too flat. Here's the revision with a new I added a light source from above.


SVMA Biennial 2007

"This Side Up" is 15 x 7, Oil on discarded wood.
It's an honor to be juried into the Sonoma Valley Museum's 2007 Biennial.
For me, it's unbelievable, as I have such high regard for the jurors, Richard Shaw, Philip Linhares, Leigh Markopoulos.
I still don't understand quite how these shows work and feel very lucky. Several of my classmates also submitted amazing work. It's my belief that no matter what the outcome, we still need to continue to paint. For me, it's a newfound creative passion that comes from an place untapped, deep within. I'm still waiting for my skills to catch up with my ideas; and yet, I find that my best work comes during the times when I don't try to paint anything, but the work just, as it is said "comes through me."
The paintings I submitted were "La Vie En Rose" and "This Side Up."
The latter is the painting that will be in the show, which will run June 21st - August 19th.
The reception will be Thurs. 6/21/07 from 6:30 - 8pm, at 551 Broadway near the square in Sonoma, CA.