Plate Art

Fishing (plate) 
AKA "fishing for rain") • 6.25 in. round •
oil on ceramic • ©2015 tsark

Goat (plate)6.25 in. round • oil on ceramic • ©2015 tsark

Extra Wasabi, Please

Extra Wasabi, Please
2.5 x 2.5 in. • oil on panel • ©2015 tsark


Historical Day _SCOTUS_LOVE

The news, over recent weeks, has left me feeling that our nation (US)has been moving "backwards." Today's SCOTUS decision gives me renewed hope! The cropped image of yesterday's painting shows a feeling of "one step forward" and finally a bit of progressive thinking!


Needs Catsup

Needs Catsup
4x8in • oil on panel • 2015 tsark

Wolves in Civilization

Wolves In Civilization • 18x24in • oil on paper • tsark

Myasthenia Gravis Contributions

My dear friend, Norma Aragon is battling a condition, Myasthenia Gravis. In her honor, I will donate a portion from every sale of the images below. (June was MG month, but I am extending this through the Summer 2015.) Norma and I chose these images specifically for this campaign as she feels they most accurately represent her illness.

*Those interested can contact me here or directly via email at

SpringTree • (Original: 20x16• oil on canvas • tsark)Aluminum Prints available: 8 x 10 in, $185 ($25 to MG) 

Female in the Forest(Original 18 x 24 in. • oil on paper • tsark)
Aluminum Prints available:
8 x 12 in, $185 ($25 to MG)


Video: Aerial Ice Extreme 2015

Aerial Ice Extreme 2015 It's Action-packed, graceful, dynamic, heart-stopping!
Aerial Ice returns, for its 2nd year to Great America, Santa Clara, CA
Here's a piece I shot (handheld Canon DSLR) and edited (Adobe Premiere). 
Directed by Jill TranskiGo see it!


Farmer Bill Returns

Farmer Bill Returns
8" x 4" • oil on panel • tsark

Storm Over Queen's Lagoon

Storm Over Queen's Lagoon
(AKA California Intention)
4" x 8" • oil on linen • tsark

Bus Line Texting

Bus Line Texting •11x14" • oil on paper • ©2015 tsark