tools, efficiency, and old fashioned

After tweaking images by hand today, and posting them and
re-posting them the old fashioned way, I just wanted to make art.
This after the last 7 weeks making molds for sculptures rather than making new sculptures.
My heart craves creativity and newness, rather than repetition of the old.

However, I realize duplication or variations on a theme are sometimes necessary for personal "furtherment."
We have to rehash and rework the old in order to learn the new.

Here is a new photo (see also profile photo) by a wonderful photographer, Alex Lee.
I highly recommend his portrait and figurative work.

As for posting paintings. The answer is "duh...,use the tools!"
Photoshop. Sometimes we just make life harder for ourselves than necessary.
Look at this great, simple interface:


la vie en rose

tonight was a good night for art. i worked on a couple of polyU sculpture molds, and this painting titled
"la vie en rose."

the painting is on glass (which was given to me by my friend linda -- who's a fantastic painter), with the butcher paper behind it.
i decided to rip the paper off my easel and include it in the piece.
one of those random impulsive moments...

(p.s. my DVD recommendation for the day is "The Songcatcher")


napkin from the archive

i created this last year while on a flight somewhere.
since i am posting napkin art, thought i'd dig this out of the archive.


more napkin art

considering both days' napkin work.
am looking for feedback as to which of these napkins works best for ya...
comments appreciated. thanks. (votes or comments can be made right in the "comments" link below each section. just click on the link)


reworked paintings and WIP

The "Trainstation" is part of my "On The Road" series for the Midterm at COM.
The WIP is part of a series of paintings based on groupings. (The flash seems to work in my favor here; I might paint it in.)
Onward to the month of March '07...