- a quiet commentary on the "swine flu" media hype.

*no disrespect intended to those, (or to families of loved ones), who lost their lives during this "pandemic" (quotes on pandemic, intended)


Great Art - 10 things that make...

10 things that make great art
(beauty in discovering oneself more profoundly)

10. makes me want to paint
9. makes me want to know the artist
8. makes me feel the emotion of the scene/character/painting
7. makes me marvel at the craftsmanship (composition, style, etc.)
6. makes me not notice or care about the craftsmanship
5. makes me want to be there
4. makes me glad i'm not there
3. makes me want to crawl inside the texture of the painting
2. makes me wonder what was in the painter's mind/head/body at the time
1. makes me not care what's in the painter's mind/head/body and just love the experience.