oil on true gesso board, 6.75" x 13"


oil on panel, 10" x 16"

*yes, the pun in the title IS intentional.

"Original Traveler"

"Original Traveler",
oil on discarded wood, 6" x 8"

"Around The Bend"

"Around The Bend"
Oil on Doorcore, 27" x 12"
(click on image to enlarge)

Leaves, at Bay - 2008

Reed Series 2008

From my 2008 Nature Series, these are the "Reeds"...

1. "Baby Reed"

(1a) "Baby Reed," close shot

(1b) "Baby Reed, "wide shot

2. "MadonnaReed"

(2a) "MadonnaReed," close shot

(2a) "MadonnaReed," wide shot

3. "Girl Reed"


Art League of Northern California - MMOCA National Paperworks Show

I'm honored to be a part of this National show at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art.
The reception will be held on Saturday, June 14th
(5-7pm). Would love to see you if you can attend.