Sketches, June/July2008

One of the nice things about working downtown again is that I'm sketching on Muni again.
Love to sketch from life:


pix from wk 2 of teaching at kent middle school

haley and some of the characters for their pinkpanther "box" film.
they might not think so, but it was so charming when they sang the soundtrack.

"we need lots of parts for cutout animation"
below are all those parts that olivia created for her film with mabel.

some of the others characters which were created

teaching them that sometimes you need "stunt doubles" in stop motion

nicholas smiley and his pig for the volcano.

even when distracted, we have fun. above is danni.

here's ruby s.
we're sad she missed screening day (feel better):


Mischief Show, reception, Studio Gallery

STUDIO gallery
1718A Polk Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

Jul 16th - Aug 10th: Mischief, character art under $400
reception: Saturday, July 19th, 4-8 pm

Pleased to invite you to this show. I'll be showing 4 pieces

"Mischief" Show at Studio Gallery

(#3) "Strawberry Head Cat"
9" x 12" oil on board

(#4) "Bewitched" from the Mundane Series
13.5" x 6.25", oil on board

(#5.) "Horizontal Green (Man)"
10.25" x 3", oil on found board

(#6) "His Fancy Closet"
10" x 8 ", oil on panel

(#21) "Let Me In!"
2.5" x 2.5" , oil on found wood

"Jon's Secret Drawer"
12" x 7.25", oil on found wood


*All images are © Tami Sloan Tsark, "all rights reserved"