After Breugel

After Breugel's Gloomy Day • 11" x 17" • graphite on paper • © tami s. tsark

Other Small Work - Dec 201

After Ann G. • 3" x 2" • oil on paper •© 2012 tsark

Santa Catching His Sleigh • 2" x 2" • oil on found wood
© 2012 tsark

Woodspired • ink on cardboard • 3.5" x 3.5" •© 2012 tsark


Face Detail of The Dare • 4dec2012

The Dare (facial detail) • full figure size 46" x 56" • oil on linen • © tami sloan tsark

Review in Art Business of Chester Arnold's show

It's an honor to have my review of Chester's show at the Catherine Clark Gallery published by Alan Bamberger :


Catharine Clark Gallery: A Pilgrim's Progress - Chester Arnold.

Review by Tami Tsark: Chester Arnold's show presents panoramas of canyons, creeks, and chasms; journeys to countrysides, forests, and mines; and dialogs with bones, pails and hats. As you enter the gallery, the paintings strike you as contemporary work created by an "old-world" painter. The paintings take you to places you feel you might know, but know you have never been. Look beyond the rich, expertly rendered layers of paint and you'll find, upon closer examination, familiar but unknown objects and memorabilia. The tools, the skeletons, and other magical things that are lodged into the crevices and the nooks and crannies of the majestic environments, revealing a hidden yet palpable unknown story (unless you're fortunate enough to hear the stories told by the painter himself).
The show's opening reception on November 3rd includes an artist's "walk-through" and gives a lucky audience insight into his work, his paintings and his teachings-- as a journey-- which he fondly describes as the "disorganized religion of art." (The show's title comes from-- and references-- the Christian allegory by John Bunyan.) He explains that the work is idea-driven and reflects his childhood of "Sixty Years in the Forest." Profoundly in love with painting at an early age, it is clear that this could not be more true for Arnold now.
This show is one of discovered narrative. At first glance, you are presented with rich moody environments. Look closer and you'll uncover and be taken-in by work which is cleverly embedded with humor, and with deep translucent light. The content is one of rich allegory and delicate spirit. Chester Arnold describes the work as "a physical objectification of detail... an inseparable union of interests" which he coins as a new genre of painting, "Psycho Realism." Every paint stroke and every object reveals his love, his acute exploration, and his celebration of these worlds.
If you've not yet seen the show, I encourage you to journey into these spaces and embark on the passage of time and experience through which these paintings might lead you.

Chester Arnold artist art

Art by Chester Arnold at Catharine Clark Gallery. (caption & photo Alan Bamberger)


Chester Arnold degraded environment art. (caption & photo Alan Bamberger)


Art by Chester Arnold at Catharine Clark Gallery. (caption & photo Alan Bamberger)

Chester Arnold art

Chester Arnold discourses on his art (image c/o Tami Tsark).


Environmental art by Chester Arnold at Catharine Clark Gallery. (caption & photo Alan Bamberger)


Human impact art by Chester Arnold. (caption & photo Alan Bamberger)


Art by Chester Arnold at Catharine Clark Gallery. (caption & photo Alan Bamberger)


Chester Arnold art. (caption & photo Alan Bamberger)


Post-Chester-Arnold-art-show redux at Catharine Clark Gallery. (caption & photo Alan Bamberger)

Smile and hold their hand

And when there are no words to tell someone how much you love them and will miss them, you just hold their hand...


Choices, Hanging Beauty, Red K 2012

"Hanging Beauty" • 6" x 4"  • ink on paper • ©tsark

"Red K" • 40" x 28" • oil on canvas ©tsark
"Ghetto Santas" • 4" x 4" • oil on canvas ©tsark
"After Bruegel's Horse Trader" • 11" x 14" • ink on paper • ©tsark