2x2's from 2006

Pictured below are Miniature 2" x 2" painted tiles.
More complete works are now posted at:


humility and persistence

Photos from the SVMA reception:



Good News and Intuition

First the good news:

One sculpture and one painting, each, were accepted in the Marin County Fair 2007.
"Pool Guy" and "A Girl and Her Fish of Stars."
A friend said he liked the title, (the latter) more than the sculpture and I'd have to agree, but I think both went hand-in-hand.

Now the analysis:
The results helped me to realize, as much as we all love the advice of our friends, we must ultimately trust our intuition. I felt more strongly about these two pieces than the other two that I entered "as a trial." Whether or not they got in the show, I think it validates that one really must listen to our hearts/guts.

As I turned in my entries on Friday, I saw all of the other beautiful entries being walked in. I stood in line with the other artists and we chatted about letting the outcome be it what it may. But deep down, as I looked around, I wondered if I shouldn't turn back to my car before reaching the submissions table. I guess that's why they ask you to enter your fees/forms weeks earlier. I was committed. And, had the two questionable pieces made it in the show, I think I might have started to distrust my instinct.

All of this is a long winded way of saying, "Believe in what YOU hope to be true, in your world."
I think it is our instinct that helps us survive... whether it be the Tundra or contemporary times.


marin county fair 2007

Friday is the delivery date for the Marin Fair. This year it's the following submissions for the Aquatic Theme:

The sculptures are "Adrift" and "A Girl and Her Fishes of Stars"
The paintings are both less than 12". "Aquatic Chill" and "Pool Guy" from a previous posting.