2010 Pins for BCGC benefit

This is the fourth year, I've been involved in creating "public" fundraising art for the BoysClubGirlsClub.

2006 - Healdsburg
2007- Petaluma
2008 & 2009 - San Rafael

Here's the beginning of this year's donation:


Mini Show, Bolinas Museum Invitational, 21st annual

21st Annual Invitational Exhibition
MINI show

Reception 11/21/09 Saturday 3-5pm

Show Runs:
Saturday 11/21/09 - Sunday, 1/3/10

Hours Fri 1-5pm, SSun 12pm - 5pm

Holiday Benefit for the Museum
Small Works created by over 85 Bay Area Artists

38 Wharf Road, Bolinas, CA



Fall Mini/Tiny Paintings

A sampling of miniature/tiny paintings 2009 for the Bolinas Museum Invitational Show 2009, and for Studio Gallery SF's 2009 Tiny Show

"Skeptical", oil on treated paper, 3 x 3 inches

"Bee Forest", oil on treated paper, 3 x 3 inches

"AfterThiebaud", oil on treated paper, 5x7 inches

"QuadShot", oil on paper, 4x6 inches (each)

"DinnerJacket", oil on leaf, 5 x 2 inches


For Jennifer's review (StudioGallery)

"Pool Guy"• oil on canvas panel

"White Dress" • oil on canvas

"Between Floors" • oil on found board

"Slump" • oil on canvas

"RockNuns" • oil on natural surface

"After Courbet" • oil on tin

"70's Guy" • oil on paper box

Part A of 2 (should be horizontally stitched with PartB)

Part B of 2 (should be horizontally stitched with PartA)



- a quiet commentary on the "swine flu" media hype.

*no disrespect intended to those, (or to families of loved ones), who lost their lives during this "pandemic" (quotes on pandemic, intended)


Great Art - 10 things that make...

10 things that make great art
(beauty in discovering oneself more profoundly)

10. makes me want to paint
9. makes me want to know the artist
8. makes me feel the emotion of the scene/character/painting
7. makes me marvel at the craftsmanship (composition, style, etc.)
6. makes me not notice or care about the craftsmanship
5. makes me want to be there
4. makes me glad i'm not there
3. makes me want to crawl inside the texture of the painting
2. makes me wonder what was in the painter's mind/head/body at the time
1. makes me not care what's in the painter's mind/head/body and just love the experience.






"Stairway to Afterlife"

"Stairway to AfterLife"

(Detail cropped. Click to enlarge)

Full painting/study 10" x 8"
"Stairway to AfterLife"
(Tribute after Anselm Kiefer's, "Stairway to Heaven")

© 2009 tami sloan tsark

The Afterlife Portal

"PortalAfterlife" (Detail)
3" x 5" , Oil on found board

As we look at our lives, we see reflections of ourselves.
This painting is mounted in a reflected portal can.