2015 Chester Arnold, "Mad Abundance" review -


Chester Arnold's newest show, "Mad Abundance" is rich, deep and wide. As one collector who attended the opening mentions, "It seems sparser than previous shows but no less full."

The canvases are filled with palpable & allegorical narratives.
The surfaces are rich with texture and filled with symbolic objects.
The viewer looks over brick walls, climbs ladders, looks into mines, walks up wide seemingly littered steps, and is brought face-to-face with a volcano erupting with fiery hot lava. We are even struck by lightening -- literally and figuratively. In each of the paintings, we are confronted, simply and most directly -- with nature, and with ourselves. Arnold's paintings are complex worlds woven and constructed in ways that lead us to grand conclusions.
In this show, the theme of the "prospector" resurfaces. It is this writer's opinion that the prospectors and mines are worth attention as they are narrative paintings which, according to the artist, "...has been a peripheral interest ever since the early Eighties, taking different shapes as I developed different skills to apply to the process. The name Prospector was used for my little book of poems from the show of 2008, which had in it the signal work of that name..."

We are reminded of discovery of new excavations. We become the toiling worker resting from a weary day at the mines. We find solace in the journey and challenges of everyday travails.

As published in Art Business:


Spring Paintings 2015

Spring Tree
• 20 x 16 • oil on canvas • ©2015 tsark
Global Warming
• 12 x 12 • mixed media on reclaimed floor tile
• ©2015 tsark
Deep Gaze
• 6" x 4" • oil on reclaimed bamboo • ©2015 tsark

Somebody's Knocking...Let Them In...
• 11 x 14" • oil on bristol • ©2015 tsark

Spring Skies & Sunsets (&Rainbows) 2015


Trial by Lightening & BSH Redux

Trial By Lightening
• 3" x 1" • oil on coated paper 

BSH Redux
• 8" x 5" • mixed media  on reclaimed board