Good News and Intuition

First the good news:

One sculpture and one painting, each, were accepted in the Marin County Fair 2007.
"Pool Guy" and "A Girl and Her Fish of Stars."
A friend said he liked the title, (the latter) more than the sculpture and I'd have to agree, but I think both went hand-in-hand.

Now the analysis:
The results helped me to realize, as much as we all love the advice of our friends, we must ultimately trust our intuition. I felt more strongly about these two pieces than the other two that I entered "as a trial." Whether or not they got in the show, I think it validates that one really must listen to our hearts/guts.

As I turned in my entries on Friday, I saw all of the other beautiful entries being walked in. I stood in line with the other artists and we chatted about letting the outcome be it what it may. But deep down, as I looked around, I wondered if I shouldn't turn back to my car before reaching the submissions table. I guess that's why they ask you to enter your fees/forms weeks earlier. I was committed. And, had the two questionable pieces made it in the show, I think I might have started to distrust my instinct.

All of this is a long winded way of saying, "Believe in what YOU hope to be true, in your world."
I think it is our instinct that helps us survive... whether it be the Tundra or contemporary times.

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