Why we make art...

This is but one of the reasons we make art...

I received this letter today, from a mother of one of the fallen soldiers that we painted in Chester's class and which ended up in the exhibit "Faces of the Fallen" :

Thank you so much. In 2006, I attended the Tribute to Fallen Soldiers in Washington DC, and my sister and nephew went with me. We decided to visit Arlington Ntl to pay tribute to some of my son’s comrades. As we walked into the gates, something kept pushing me towards the Womens Bldg,which at first I had no desire to go into. But, I had this eerie feeling, so we did. I stopped by the desk to sign the guestbook,.when my sister yelled, OMG, Fay, get over here,you have got to see this. I ran around the corner and there was this display of paintings, and there was the pic of Tracy,the one in the pic below. You did an AWESOME job…I started to cry and so did she,that is why I would like to have it. It was beautiful ... I visit him daily,I miss him so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Fay West

These are some of the paintings I did for that show in 2005:

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