Giants Win World Series 2014

Giants Win World Series 2014
Orange Upsets Blue in the WS 2014
• 3" x 5" • ink on paper • ©tsark

I'm new to baseball, following the sport, watching it, becoming a "fan."
Apparently, it's a game surrounded by superstition and ritual.

Aside from the 'fans wear orange on game day' sorts of things, I was told, if they win on a day you wear an orange tank top AND your orange hiking boots and so happen to use your heavy orange wallet and you walk to a museum to see a certain exhibit and they win, try it again. This is what happened Saturday when things looked "iffy" for the team.
It was a beautiful day on Sunday and I wanted to return to the exhibit to photograph some paintings. Lo and behold -- the SF Giants won, again. 

So, I tested the theory on Tuesday. Tuesday, even though it was an important game, I really needed a good workout. I went to spin class.  The game started. SF 0 - KC 0. After a twenty minute set, I went to check the score. SF 0 - KC 3. They can still catch up we said. They're known to do that. Forty minutes in, I got off my spin bike to check the monitors. SF 0 - KC 5. It's good news if you're rooting for KC, but well, being an SF girl and a fan of orange... One more time before our 1.5 hour class is over, SF 0 - KC 7. This does not look good. Perhaps I should have gone for that hike after all. 

Geranium Park
• 3" x 5" • ink on paper • ©tsark








Jump forward to Wednesday, Game 7.
My client calls and cancels our booking because the group needs to watch the game.
Disappointed I understand. It's a gorgeous day. I have options. Why chance it, I say, "I'll test the theory." If I return to the 'lucky' paintings and they don't win, so be it, then we know. 
I set out on my hike and was delayed 3 times by the phone, email, etc. I arrive at the museum just in time for them to be closing. So much for seeing the paintings. 

The game starts and well, the rest is history.
Congratulations, SF Giants!

Here's some work in response.

Lagoon House on the Bluff
• 3" x 6" • oil on paper • ©tsark


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