faux summer

it's funny how the sunshine just makes people SEEM happier,
everything feels a little fresher and optimistic.

i went on a hike today, after a brief visit to the Chris Gwaltney show at Robert Greene's gallery in Mill Valley.
Great show, great hike. I'm always curious how someone can paint so simply and directly with such beautiful layers and emotion. My friend, Janey, said Gwaltney's paintings seemed to have the same kind of feeling as Mitrowsky. I'd have to agree.

So, on the hike, there were several footrace runners. On my way back to the car, some more hikers were just pulling up.
They asked the race people what was going on, and what was the prize. I didn't hear which race it was, but the upshot was that there was no prize. The man beside me said "all that work, for no purse?" That comment hit a nerve with me.
Must we all have to win something, to get something, to have something in order to make something enjoyable or worth the time invested?!! Sounded to me that this man did not appreciate the journey for just that. I hear a lot of that sentiment on the subway these days. This saddens me.

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