twilight mystery

excitement over the anticipation of dialog.

someone posted a comment with the username "twilight."
...and so
the mystery begins.

i began to think,
was this from a person i knew? or, better, someone i wanted to know?

now l & g's ,we have on our hands here, a genuine "twilight mystery."

i'm intrigued.

a twilight mystery has been created.
it's both the element of surprise in conjunction with the mystery.
these create the intrigue: the two together.
besides, i like the way the words "twilight" and "mystery" combined,
swirl around in one's mouth & then create a slight furrow in your brow
right before,
they're about to come out from your mouth.
if nothing else, it's got a simple poetic ring.

what can i say?
... the romantic in me dies hard.

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