#2 breakups and other kinds of rebounds

do you think it's possible to break up with a favorite painting? what about an acquaintance or a colleague? what about someone you work with? what about a color? what about a job? or a medium?

i'm not sure: what i do know that i definitely have rebound art.
it's just not working between me and the drawing, so i'll switch mediums and the effects of the rebound are obvious. i quickly become infatuated. it's like i've never been mad at art before.

i think one's relationship to art, can be just like one's relationships to people.
sometimes you just have to get over it, and move on.
break it off, give back all the trappings that held the two of you together, throw their clothes on the street or throw away their photos. and then, only then, can we begin to think in new ways, find new colors, new things that excite us.

as much as i try to move on, though, i still find myself loving the number 2 ticonderoga pencil. there's something just so sexy about how it shades and feels and just *is.*
i've tried others, and i still have a crush on my old #2.
and the same goes for naples yellow and indigo blue. perhaps i'll try new variations on the same shades, but there's just something about the first blush of color that's made you fall in love.

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