qu'est sera sera

my "fortune" message in a dove chocolate said "don't think about it so much."
can we think too much? can we feel too much?
can we put any credence in chance or happenstance?
(what do you think? i say that in jest --truly)

whether or not you believe in "things for a reason," in "serendipity," or...not...
there's no denying that HOW we choose to respond to situations largely affects
our perceptions and equally affects others around us.

it is up for debate --whether or not WE can affect another person, or an outcome.
we'd like to believe that what we do will make a difference. some kind of difference -- in our world, or in the world at large.
i recognize that there's a trend on the rise, (with an increase rapid developing technolog, and in an increase in "interactive" design.) People believe that if we push harder or push faster, we can change our future, alter a situation or affect others. i think we've crossed past the point of no return. it IS out of control. the control is no longer ours.

there are some things that find their beauty in the magic, in the element of surprise. there are some things that must be left to destiny and hope and chance.

in light of all this, i've seen a resurgence and a need for religion, spirituality. a number of my friends my age, who are formerly self-proclaimed agnostics or atheists, have sought increased guidance, divine structure. i'm recognizing a time, in which we are all looking for reasons to explain the painful "why."

i believe this is a reflection of our times. there is a need to define a society. it is as though we are experiencing a wrinkle in our history that feels so ever much "out of control." thus,
we try to explain the painful and unexplainable.

many of us look to our own art, to our personal creativity, to divine intervention to provide us with answers.
i think there might be some beauty in knowing that there is joy to be found in the inexplainable.
in spite of world pain or sadness, there is comfort in sharing the moments with people that make us laugh, in finding colors that brighten our day, in discovering thoughts that consume us, and in knowing we'll all be okay.
the beauty comes in knowing that we don't need to look for those things; they are truly in our hearts and in our spirits.
art comes in that free and daring expression.

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