Never Give Up: La Vie En Rose

Sometimes, you find things to paint.
Sometimes, those things find you.
More often than not, those things find me.
...It is from this, that I paint my best.

Such was the case with "La Vie En Rose."
My friend brought me the broken glass with paint already splattered upon it.
The image was painted from a magazine in my dentist's office, that I "had to have."
The butcher paper was already on my easel.
The white painted board was sitting in the corner waiting for the "right thing."

This painting "came through me."
The title comes from the song which was, at the time, playing on my stereo.

I entered this piece in the Art League of Northern California's National show.

In speaking with my friend, Chris, who also has two paintings in this show, we realize that one must "never give up."
In spite of ourselves, even when we want to, artists don't give up -- because this is truly what we love to do.

It's an honor to be part of this show, with painters and artists whom I have the highest respect.

Right now, c'est vrai: "La Vie en Rose"

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