statements & veracity

Art Statements. I find irony that we have to write about something that should speak its own language.
But out of respect to tradition, here's one I found myself writing for a couple of shows.

"Sometimes, I find things to paint, to sculpt, or to assemble.
More often than not, those things find me.
Be those subjects or objects, it is the very act of finding (things or ideas) that I begin to process the true act of discovery.
More correctly, it is from those objects that I discover true process.

My work comes from a desire to deconstruct and to assimilate a greater sense of the human condition.
Deconstruction comes from history; assimilation comes from knowledge.

I believe interesting work comes when we allow our minds to recognize history and its potential effect on our future.

I believe work can be a reflection of the human condition.
It is the identification of similarities and the enlightenment of discovery from which we find our audience.

When I create work, I want the seams and the edges to show. I want there to be a record of the process and of the materials. I want my audience to recognize places from which my work comes. I seek truth and disclosure.

I believe that change can be created with the knowledge that we must "never give up."
No matter what our plight, we must allow our voices to be heard.

It is from art, that I find community. It is from the world of forgotten objects that I find beauty.

In spite of ourselves, even when we want to, we can't give up, we won't give up -- because this is truly what we love to do.

Tami Sloan Tsark,
this 30th of July, 2007."

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